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Who we are

A Kind Of Guise was born from the idea of creating products which are equally well designed and of high quality in terms of both production and the materials used. We also had the belief that these products should be produced in our home country of Germany. In the beginning this meant sewing everything ourselves by hand. For our first project we bought vintage leathers from an old medicine ball manufacturer and crafted a small range of bags. We also started scouring the local markets for interesting fabrics and started sewing shirts and jackets, trousers and jumpsuits, which we sold at a local store run by a good friend.

Our search for ways to make more interesting products soon lead us to find small manufacturers in Germany; tailors, shirt makers, leather craftsmen and knitters who share our belief in keeping up the tradition of Made In Germany quality products. This allowed us to launch a new chapter for us, as we were now able to produce fully developed collections and acquire our first wholesale clients.

We have also kept our natural appetite for finding new and interesting fabrics and materials for our production and are enjoying working with suppliers such as Harris Tweed, Loden Steiner and even renowned German teddybear manufacturer Steiff, alongside other German fabric mills.

There is a certain joy that comes with being able to follow through on new creative ideas. Communicating face to face and in the same language as the people who manufacture every single one of our products, plays a major role in allowing us to nurture our designs and is essential to giving each item a distinct and original look, feel and functionality.

The skill and sensibility that goes along with German engineering is at the very core of what we do and we enjoy playing our small part, upholding that tradition in our field.