July 2nd 2023

In addition to celebrating our friendship during the upcoming summer party in Merano, we have teamed up with Monocle to continue our tradition of limited-edition capsule releases.

This exclusive drop was designed to function as a core wardrobe with the Monocle editor in mind and features a trio of garments, consisting of a lightweight linen shirt and seersucker set. It caters to individuals who value both comfort and a classy appearance on their journeys, offering a curated look for the modern traveler.

Worn either individually or combined, the seersucker ensemble of jacket and pants offers versatility through various occasions for those who want to travel light, allowing an effortless transition from city to city, and day to night. As a modern take on understated suiting, the material brings in texture and tends to crinkle less, offering convenience and making a great travel companion.

Whether it is the next meeting or a summer vacation you’re headed to, we’re making sure your classy appearance remains.

Now available online and soon in the Monocle Shop Merano.