October 5th 2023

Greetings from Austria!

When sourcing durable materials for our outerwear collection, we turned to the Austrian Alps, a region with a long tradition of producing the finest boiled wool for over 150 years.

As you may know, working with extraordinary materials is at the forefront of what we do and finding new ways to incorporate a rather traditional material in a modern way has been an enjoyable task when developing this AW23 collection. Fascinated by boiled wool, we have worked with artisan manufacturers who cherish the tradition of crafting exquisite materials through life-long expertise.

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Boiled wool is a fabric that undergoes a special process of washing and shrinking, resulting in a dense, felt-like texture. The end result is a fabric that is thicker, and more durable than traditional woven wool fabrics, offering water-resistant and windproof properties, along with remarkable wrinkle resistance, while still retaining the usual advantages of wool–being breathable, soft, and warm.

All these attributes make each boiled wool piece the perfect choice for cold and unpredictable weather.

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The Austrian Alps have a rich tradition of working with boiled wool, which is deeply intertwined with the country’s alpine culture and climate. Its origins date back centuries to the Austrian and Bavarian regions, particularly the Alpine areas, where the necessity for durable, warm, and weather-resistant clothing was paramount due to the challenging and often harsh mountainous environment.

Sharing the same Bavarian roots, we’re excited to bring back a mateerial that is commonly known for traditional heritage clothing, offering an extraordinary appearance along with numerous technical advantages.

Discover all boiled wool pieces here.