AW20 Collection – First Drop!
August 16th 2020


Dear loyal AKOG customer,

When putting together our collection in 2019, we studied the fearless merchants and explorers of the past who sailed storm-ravaged seas, traversed mountain ranges and trekked thick, verdant hinterland. We were fascinated by the myths, legends and tales that have been passed on for generations. The treacherous journeys combined with these catching and electrifying narratives brought us to the name and logo of our fictional Irish logistics company: The Global Odyssey Ltd.

Fast-forward to August 2020: the name of this imaginary company has gained several more layers. This year has seen each and every one of us undergo our own tumultuous journey. We’ve all had to come to terms with the great unknown and continuous uncertainty. We’ve had to recalibrate to life and work while holed up at home and we’ve endured large stretches of time without the face-to-face embrace of family and friends. This unprecedented upheaval has helped us reconnect with what really counts in life and has given us the opportunity to focus on areas of our life that we may have been neglecting for far too long. Suddenly we are all part of Global Odyssey Ltd and everyone has a different interpretation and understanding of this name.

Here at AKOG, we appreciate that building a new wardrobe isn’t at the top of everyone’s agenda at the moment, but we continue to be committed to creating finely-crafted garments that last the test of time and aren’t hostage to trends; champion high-quality materials and support local craft and manufacturing.

This is why we are very excited to present to you our Autumn/Winter collection: ‘Global Odyssey Ltd. – A collection of myths, legends and merchant tales’. Expect eye-catching checks; cosy flannels; thick, Irish-influenced knitwear; rugged workwear and outerwear made with recycled down-like padding that respects the planet upon which it sails.

More to come in the next weeks, but for now, enjoy our first drop here!

Your AKOG Team