September 24th 2023

Introducing the inaugural segment of our editorial journey, we invite you to delve deeper into the heart of Iceland, a country that gracefully unites fire and ice within its breathtaking landscapes. This is the world of our Autumn/Winter 2023 collection, ‘Huldufólk.’

‘Huldufólk’ translates to ‘hidden people,’ a reference to mystical beings dwelling deep within the untouched embrace of nature, where they share a resemblance to humans. Yet, their existence is intricately woven into a parallel dimension, concealed from our ordinary sight.

Captivated by the allure of these enigmatic legends, we embarked on a quest to uncover these hidden creatures. While our eyes did not glimpse these elusive elves, along the way, our journey introduced us to a host of remarkable characters. Iceland, consisting of a small but unique community, is brimming with a profound connection to its land and a spirit that sets it apart.

We quickly discovered that Iceland is a haven for creative minds. From passionate amateur knitters to adventurous rally drivers, horse whisperers, socially engaged visionaries, art professors, as well as glacier and volcano guides, we encountered a diverse array of individuals. What united them all was their shared love for music, which hassling been shaping fore and an emotional outlet for Icelanders throughout the ages. From the Viking Age through to modern years, Icelandic music has stood out as unique and expressive for the Nordic people. Every individual we encountered seemed to possess a spark for it. From traditional choir singers to folk, pop, and rock musicians, music here is an integral part of life.

As we continue this journey through Iceland and its people, we will share more insights on their thoughts, creative process, and current projects, while celebrating the profound connections between creativity, craftsmanship, and music, exploring the ways in which these elements shape the culture and essence of this extraordinary country.

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