AW23 Holiday Drop
December 7th 2023

As the festive season approaches, we are delighted to unveil our Holiday Collection, a showcase of hand-knitting artistry and exceptional fabric craftsmanship.

Our collection begins with the hand-knitted pieces, demonstrating the pinnacle of artisanal skill. The Hruni pullovers and beanies, entirely hand-knitted by skilled Italian artisans, represent a dedication to traditional knitting techniques while offering unmatched warmth and comfort.

In our shirt range, we present a variety of distinctive designs. The Derbin Shirt features a captivating brown paisley jacquard design with fringed outlines. The Dullu Shirt displays a checkered pattern with a three-dimensional, fuzzy surface, created by interweaving textured yarn. Adding to this lineup is the Gusto shirt, crafted from luxurious ‘Flamed Red’ Japanese corduroy. This shirt showcases the intricate Japanese KAGOSOME technique, which involves dyeing and bleaching the fabric in small lots to create unique patterns. The vibrant red of the corduroy is a testament to its quality and durability, making it a notable addition to our collection.

Our outerwear range includes the Huari and Kapa Mac coats, designed for elegance and comfort in colder climates. These coats, with their luxurious materials and quilted linings, are perfect for braving the cold. For relaxed indoor environments, our Deconstructed Peak Blazer, made from luxurious lightweight wool, offers a comfortable yet sophisticated option.

Our accessories feature a line of mittens and a Balaclava. The mittens, crafted from high-quality materials, offer warmth and a touch of elegance. The Balaclava, drawing inspiration from traditional Icelandic knitwear patterns, provides minimalistic and effective protection against the cold.

Each item in our Holiday Collection has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that your holiday season is not only elegant but also comfortable. Embrace the festive spirit with our unique and expertly crafted selections. Happy Holidays!

See the whole collection here.