January 13th 2022

Each season we draw inspiration from a far-flung country or culture that fascinates us, showing our collection on interesting characters and faces we encounter along the way. This season has taken us to the beautiful country of Georgia, where we had the privilege to meet the kindest and most courteous people, who included us in their long-established cultural rituals and habits.

In the centre of Georgian culture stands the „Supra“, a Georgian feast that includes countless delicious dishes, lots of wine and every friend, family member, and acquaintance around. Since we generally believe that the best way to learn about a country’s culture is through its cuisine, we drew most inspiration from this core and set our main focus on Georgia’s rich food and wine culture. Four regions of major importance have been set upon arrival, including the world’s oldest wine region Kakheti, breathtaking mountain landscapes in Kazbegi, the busy city life of the capital Tbilisi, and the subtropical west coast. Winemakers, cooks, farmers, mouth-watering local dishes, and all the other impressions we experienced have been captured and collected in this book. Printed as a limited-edition 250-page hardcover, it is telling the story of our journey and follows the path we have taken through the country, containing recipes and anecdotes, as well as providing useful insights and serving as a guide for interested travellers.

Carefully printed in Poland and bound with a linen cover. Limited to 200 copies.

You can find the book here.