Classy Outerwear Guide
November 30th 2023


As you know, our favorite motto is to ‘stay classy’, therefore we’re providing an overview and taking a closer look at our classy outerwear range,
explaining the design, silhouette, and unique features of our most popular coats and jackets.

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The Katla Coat boasts a modern fit complemented by a striking large collar and a straight-fitted silhouette that can be adjusted with a belt.
Its long design adds a touch of dressy elegance, perfect for various occasions,
offering a chic statement piece that seamlessly blends sophistication and a modern attire.

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With a vintage-inspired silhouette and raglan arms, the Cyrus Coat exudes an air of classic sophistication.
This piece embodies the charm of a classic gentleman’s coat, elegantly translated with its traditional design elements,
such as the raglan arm and a slight A-line silhouette, making it a versatile all-season casual coat.

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The Ari Coat presents a contemporary interpretation of a traditional short coat, with its standout feature being the quilted lining.
This innovative detail provides not only a refined aesthetic touch but also exceptional warmth, surpassing many other elegant coats in practicality.
Its ability to keep you cozy in colder weather adds an extra layer of functionality, making it a comfortable and chic option for everyday.
With its relaxed fit and short silhouette, this coat is designed for practicality without compromising style.

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Sporty yet versatile, the Jorvi Jacket represents an evolved version of a shirt jacket tailored for winter,
boasting sturdier materials suitable for colder climates.
Retaining its shirt-inspired elements like the cuff slits and patch pockets, this winterized piece goes further with added functionality,
including an inner pocket for practicality.

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