For our Autumn/Winter 2023 collection ‘Huldufólk,’ we invite you to embark on a journey through the mystical realm of Iceland, a land that embraces both fire and ice in its breathtaking scenery. With majestic glaciers gleaming under the Northern Lights, rugged volcanoes, and ancient legends, Iceland beckons you to explore its history and wonders.

‘Huldufólk’ translates to ‘hidden people,’ describing supernatural beings that dwell within the depths of untouched nature, appearing and behaving similar to humans, yet they exist in a parallel world.

Fascinated by these legends, we set out in search of the hidden creatures, scaling glaciers, delving behind cascading waterfalls, venturing inside volcanic craters, and taking a deep dive into geothermal hot springs in our quest to find them. While we couldn’t spot any elves with our eyes, many moments on this journey did feel undeniably magical – whether it was encountering a herd of horses or experiencing vast hectares of nature unlike anywhere else in the world. In Iceland, with its countless active volcanoes and light blue glaciers, nature is so much alive; it comes as no surprise that supernatural beings have always been an integral part of Icelandic folklore, sagas, and common belief.

Although we didn’t find the elusive “hidden” people, we had the pleasure of meeting a number of remarkable visible people, which we can’t wait to introduce to you over the upcoming months. Icelanders, a small population of less than 400.000 people with a unique spirit and deep connection to their land, proved to be a community of extraordinary individuals. We were delighted to discover that many shared our love for craftsmanship and creativity.