AW22: Road to Nowhere

Windows down, sunglasses on, ready to roll – with a spectacular drive ahead.

To us, the best way to start the exploration of the Rocky Mountain state Colorado. From snow-capped peaks to desert landscapes, passing through mountain towns and taking in the widespread western spirit, the area offered endless sources of inspiration for this season’s autumn/winter 22 collection.

The trip didn’t have a specific destination, it was much more about the journey itself and being open to the encounters and experiences that come with it. This has brought an adventure that led to special places. From untouched nature in absolute silence to noisy truck stops and busy pubs. We met fellow travellers, friendly locals, and quirky characters whom we enjoyed sharing thoughts with on various topics – be it over a cup of coffee in a roadside diner or while having a beer in a small town bar. And even though the backgrounds and opinions of people can be far apart, you do share this short moment of rest and togetherness.

These impressions, encounters and characters are captured in our editorial. As always, key pieces of this collection were photographed on people we met during the trip in order to tell this story in the most possible authentic way.