As the air is shimmering with heat, a caravan is navigating their camels through the red and endless desert of Jordan. Transporting the most exquisite fabrics, from colourful paisley over delicate silk to handcrafted embroideries – the imagination knows no limits. At the oasis, a freshly-squeezed, ice-cold pomegranate juice awaits. The sun is slowly disappearing behind dunes while the atmosphere is cooling down and the melodic sound of Ouds accompanies stories of ancient folk tales. With the smell of roasted nuts in the air and the fingers still sticky from sweet dates, the starry sky spreads out into the night.

We’re proud to present our upcoming Spring/Summer collection Wadi Rum! Diving into the dreamy world of the Orient, the name comes from a magical ecosystem in the Jordanian desert. Translating to Valley of the Moon, it is made of sweeping red sand dunes and towering sandstone arches.

While 75% of the country consists of desert area, it is also home to oases of palm trees, a salt sea at the lowest point on earth, and canyons flowing with seasonal water.
But Jordan’s breathtaking landscapes have not been the only reason we selected it as our Spring/Summer collection destination.

As a safe haven in a region of conflict, Jordan’s ancient traditions of hospitality and tolerance have continuously hosted various incomers. This and its unique geographic location have allowed many cultures and influences to come together here. And while urban areas – just like elsewhere in the world – adjust with modernization, a nomadic presence has managed to keep continuity in the desert and offers a rare window into humanity’s early beginnings.

From the coast of the Red Sea, all the way up to the roofs of Amman, be ready to be taken on a journey through breathtaking parts of Jordan. Try those sweet dates on the market, go offroading through the magical landscape of Wadi Rum, explore the desert on camel’s back, and float in the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea. Let us take you on an extraordinary journey through Jordan!