Collezione AW19/20 – Gennaro’s ‘La prove è nel gusto’
August 9th 2019

Our love and admiration of classic mafia films, such as The Godfather, Goodfellas or Once Upon a Time in America, was the main inspiration for this year’s Autumn/Winter collection. The centre of the plot is a small family-run culinary establishment in the heart of Little Italy in New York City. Here Pizza and other Italo-American dishes are served in the front while shady schemes are happening in the back. But before you judge now, please enter, take a seat, our friendly staff will be with you right away:

Buon Giorno and welcome to Gennaro’s – our seasonal changing menu offers colourful discreetness, our fresh in-house signature paisley design, a wide variety of shirt silhouettes and other mouth-watering materials and styles. Our specials of the season are new interpretations of our popular outerwear pieces as well as delicious wool blends, that stands for Italian weaving craftsmanship. We hope you enjoy your AW19/20 visit and experience Gennaro’s philosophy: ‘La prove è nel gusto’.

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