June 15th 2023

Since the inception of A Kind of Guise, fostering collaboration and dialogue with talented individuals across various creative fields has always been a priority for the AKOG Team. From weavers to illustrators, wine makers to photographers, we believe in the power of learning from and exchanging ideas with diverse minds.

For our Holiday Drop, we sought to bring to life a print reminiscent of a warm summer night’s middle-eastern-inspired table setting. In collaboration with Jonathan Niclaus, a Berlin-based artist, long-term friend, and dedicated AKOG supporter, this concept was transformed into an abstract all-over pattern that now graces our beloved Gioia Shirt. Enhanced with extra texture, it comes in premium cotton from Italy with a three-dimensional crinkle appearance. Perfectly suited for those lingering summer evenings, this shirt will serve as the perfect companion for the warm months ahead.

Explore the Gioia Shirt in Dinner Night online or pay a visit to our stores in Munich and Berlin to experience it firsthand.