March 7th 2024

Continuing our series of exclusive releases, we are excited to announce our second drop of our strictly limited collection. This release features a selection of shirts, pants and accessories and is only available through our webshop and our retail store located in Berlin.

Summer-ready shirts come in exquisite Linen from Belgium, as well as eye-catching embroidery designs. Favorites include “seaweed embroidery“, a fabric popular in our previous drop, reminiscent of seaweed in the current. For delicate yet detailed options, we introduce the “sky embroidery” design and various styles adorned with small flower embroideries. Adding texture, our summer essentials include the crocheted Gioia shirt in ecru or woven variants with a distinctive crinkle effect, alongside vibrant prints.

In the realm of trousers, we present a selection of both long- and short-sleeved options, spanning an array of silhouettes. From soft, plain materials to intricate embroidery designs and lightweight seersucker, there’s something to suit every preference and occasion.

This collection of carefully selected garments, featuring Shirts and Pants that are meticulously crafted from summery fabrics, showcasing detail-rich embroidery and vibrant colors inspired by the beauty of the Albanian coast. 

From the refined elegance of the Gioia and Gusto shirts to the effortless charm of the Pleated Wide Trousers and Volta Shorts, immerse yourself in the relaxed sophistication of riverside style. Embrace the coastal allure and elevate your summer wardrobe with our exclusive collection.

Discover the entire Exclusive Drop here