Eyewear Editorial
July 6th 2023

Embarking on a summer adventure, we packed our eyewear collection and set our sights on the Balearic Islands, capturing the relaxed vibes of island life. With the perfect blend of sun, sea, and Mediterranean charm, these picturesque islands served as the perfect backdrop for our eyewear collection.

Stepping into the heart of the Balearic life, we encountered the epitome of relaxation and ease under the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. The laid-back vibes infused every aspect of the island experience, from leisurely strolls through markets adorned with colorful crafts and aromatic delicacies, to leisurely afternoons spent lazing on sun-soaked beaches, with crystal-clear water lapping at our feet. Every photograph the carefree spirit of summer, while our eyewear range becomes an integral part of this visual narrative.

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