Fabric Focus: Corduroy
October 6th 2023

As we step into October with our passion for exquisite fabrics, one material stands tall and proud, ready to take center stage: corduroy.

Originally rooted in the realm of workwear, this versatile fabric makes no compromises when it comes to durability and adaptability. Its defining feature, the weaving of vertical ridges known as wales, creates a distinctive ripple effect that gives corduroy its soft yet rugged appearance. Beyond aesthetics, these wales serve a functional purpose, providing warmth and turning each piece into a cherished, long-lasting wardrobe addition.

This season, corduroy emerges in an array of variations, reflecting its timeless appeal and versatility. From deep, rich hues to eye-catching prints that demand attention, including our signature „paisley corduroy“ design, the textured presence elevates the standout pieces in this collection.

Discover all corduroy pieces here.

In our dedication to this beloved fabric, we’ve carefully developed a collection that showcases its many captivating dimensions. These include different textures, varying thicknesses, and prints that dance upon the surface, creating an intriguing play of depth and elegance.

Corduroy, a classic fabric with an inimitable texture, endures as a testament to durability, warmth, and timeless appeal. Welcome to the season of corduroy, where appearance and substance find their perfect harmony.

Discover all corduroy pieces here.