Fabric Focus: Steiff®
October 27th 2023


Welcome to the plush embrace of Steiff®, the soft teddy fur known from the iconic German teddy bears. Our long-standing cooperation with German manufacturer Steiff® has been ongoing since 2011, which is why you might have noticed some exceptionally cozy-looking pieces in this collection.

Unlike most woven furs, Steiff® only works with natural fibers. Wool and cotton are woven into the fluffy material, combining the benefits of warmth from wool and soft comfort from cotton, ensuring temperature-regulating benefits, breathability, and a soft hand feel, which make Steiff® outerwear perfectly suitable for both wet and dry days.

Most importantly: no animal suffered or died in the manufacture of the woven fur, ensure absolute environmental compatibility in materials and supplies.

This high-quality approach is something Steiff® rightly prides itself with, embodying comfort and nostalgic luxury. Made locally since day one.

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Richard Steiff invented the teddy bear, right after he found the German-made woven fur from 100% wool. Still today entirely manufactured in Duisburg, Germany, the long tradition and expertise developed over many generations make it possible for Steiff® to produce highest-quality fabrics.

Steiff® is one of the few textile companies in the world to combine a weaving mill, a dye works, and all equipment at a single location, producing under one roof in Duisburg. The highest quality, 100% made in Germany.

For many decades, Steiff® Teddy bears are considered the best in the world, and their extraordinary material has become synonymous with the most exquisite woven furs.

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Working with materials in different ways, we’ve utilized the insulating, temperature regulating,

and breathable benefits of this material–let alone its soft touch–and worked it into our Jona Jackets as a functional lining for extra warmth and comfort.



To extend the coziness into extremities explore soft headwear and our Moli Muffs, all lined with soft Steiff® plush fur. More than just a hand warmer, the Moli Muff is designed with utility in mind, equipped with additional zip and pouch pockets.

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