Ghana Project Update #1
July 16th 2021

About a year ago, we worked together with Ghanian weavers to create Kente Beach Bags in addition to our Spring/Summer 20 collection, which was inspired by Ghana. The limited 60 handmade pieces were sold out right away.

We promised that all profits go to Dream Big Ghana Foundation whose inspiring work we were able to see and experience during our trip to Ghana.

As the foundation is doing several projects, we decided to donate the money to a sanitation project – more specifically, an EcoSan toilet block at Anyanui School which is located in the Volta Region, southeast of Ghana. For the geographical knowledge, follow this link.

All the toilets are based on the principles of ecological sanitation (EcoSan). They are above-ground units that recycle human waste and use natural processes to transform that waste into a safe, organic compost and fertilizer.

After getting more donations and grants to reach the needed amount, the foundation started to build. This week have received the first images of the sight. While with a lot of donations you can’t see the direct effect and changes, in this case, it is beautiful to see the progress of the project.

As our support is your support, we would like to thank you! Updates will follow!

If you want to find out more about the project and foundation, follow the links below:
Kente Beach Bag Project
Dream Big Ghana Foundation

PS: The gentleman onto the right is Mr. Abed, the site manager.