December 21st 2023

We’re brimming with gratitude as we say goodbye to the outstanding country of Iceland, a place that graciously opened up its unique beauty and rich culture for us to experience. The magnificence of this nation, from its highly creative communities to breathtaking natural spectacles, left us in a state of wonder.

At AKOG, our passion lies in discovering diverse cultures, capturing the people in it, savoring exotic cuisines, and marveling at the splendor of nature. On every count, Iceland outdid our expectations. Our journey encapsulated extraordinary moments—changing atop a glacier, sailing into the open sea, mingling with Icelandic horses, and venturing into volcanic craters. These experiences mirror the diverse and authentic essence of this remarkable country, making Iceland truly exceptional.

Furthermore, Iceland inspires on so many levels – for example by skillfully leveraging its unique natural resources. Geothermal heat is utilized to provide warmth for almost 90% of homes. Additionally, it heats greenhouses, enabling the cultivation of fruits and vegetables that otherwise would never flourish in this climate.

The innovative spirit of the country, coupled with the unforgettable experiences it offered, deserves our utmost gratitude. Iceland, we thank you for sharing your breathtaking world with us.

Thank you, people of Iceland, for all your inspiration.