Intro: Pino Shirt – Blooming Embroidery
September 3rd 2023

With each season, we revel in our explorations of materials, continually honing new techniques and prints to ensure our customers not only look their best but also feel sublime.

This season, inspired deeply by the natural splendors of Iceland and its effervescent touch of nature, it felt like second nature for us to emphasize the beauty of floral motifs. Among our collection, one particular shirt captures the imagination, a testament to the unwavering dedication of our in-house team. The heart of the design embraces pressed dried flower shapes, which symbolize both the enduring spirit of nature and its resilient tenacity. These organic forms evolved into evocative outlined sketches, adding a touch of abstraction.

Culminating this artistic journey, an embroidery crafted with robust wool threads gives depth and form, creating a tactile landscape of varied textures.

The shirt itself boasts a slightly oversized fit, complemented by adjustable cuffs and accented with mother of pearl buttons. Expertly crafted from a soft cotton and wool blend flannel.

Discover the piece here.