It’s all in the Details
January 27th 2022

It’s all in the details, that’s what we believe here at AKOG. Since day one, we have the following three pillars on which have been building A KIND OF GUISE.


„Think global, act local“ is and always has been our core value here at A Kind of Guise. Since the beginning, we have pursued to produce as local as possible and have been fortunate to forge strong relationships with small specialist makers in Germany, as well as family-run manufacturers in Northern Italy, just a 5-hour drive from our headquarters in Munich. Our production partners are carefully selected due to their dedication to craftsmanship in their field and have solid expertise.

We appreciate that our partners uphold the proud production tradition behind the “Made in Germany” and “Made in Italy” label. Production in those countries not only gives us unprecedented access to the best manufacturers, but also means that the people who make your goods are well paid and cared for.


It is our goal to contribute towards building a wardrobe with essentials that become a companion for life thanks to their durability and wearability in everyday life.

We take comfort and good looks very seriously and really get into the details, making sure that the cut, shape, fabric and execution of every garment is perfect. Initially produced in limited numbers and still today carefully calculating quantities each season, this strong and uncompromising commitment to high-quality materials and production values has earned us a growing and devoted following. A following which has helped us to build the brand with each collection, experimenting with new materials and techniques that make our garments so durable and distinctive.


Since our first collection hit the shops in 2009, we have experimented with a wide range of high quality wools, cashmere, silks, tweeds, blends and even teddy bear skins. In our collections so far we have used fabrics such as Scottish Harris Tweed®, Swiss EtaProof® cotton, Austrian Loden Steiner wool, Steiff® furs, luxurious Japanese silks and many more.

„Think global, act local“ also applies to our sourcing process and we continue to take as many steps into the right direction as possible. All our materials are ethically produced fabrics, mostly sourced from Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgian, South-Korea and the UK. Further to that, we aim to use recycled synthetic fibres in case natural fibres are not a suitable option for particular garments, due to enhanced durability or technical benefits.