Look Closer – a Fabric Intro!
December 10th 2023



When it comes to our fabrics, it is essential to examine them more closely to fully appreciate the intricate craftsmanship and traditional techniques woven into each piece. The latest Holiday Drop features a diverse array of textures, from the delicate weaves in our shirts to the cozy, hand-knitted yarns. Each material showcases the skill and dedication of its creation. As you explore these expertly crafted fabrics, we invite you to look closer once more, discovering where the beauty lies in the details, and every thread tells a story of artistry and heritage.



The fabric in question is a luxurious example of ‘Flamed Red’ Japanese corduroy, brought to life through the traditional Japanese KAGOSOME technique. Resembling the intricate art of tie-dye, this method involves carefully dyeing and bleaching the fabric in small lots within a basket. Here, the application of pressure is key, as it creates the distinctive, one-of-a-kind patterns that make each piece unique. The vibrant red color of the corduroy is a highlight of this process, reflecting both its richness and durability. This fabric is not just a material, but a canvas where traditional techniques meet the unique texture and comfort of corduroy.



The ‘Garden of Rose’ and ‘Brown Paisley’ jacquard fabrics exemplify the elegance and intricacy achievable through jacquard weaving. Jacquard, a weaving technique developed in the early 19th century by Joseph Marie Jacquard, hails from France and revolutionized pattern weaving by using cards with punched holes, the precursor to computer programming. The ‘Garden of Rose’ fabric from Japan features detailed patterns woven directly into the material, offering a tactile richness and visual depth. The brown paisley jacquard, distinguished by its fringed outline that accentuates the paisley pattern, is woven from a smooth viscose blend, adding a dynamic texture and comfortable drape. Both fabrics showcase the jacquard technique’s ability to create complex, integrated designs that are both visually striking and enduring, a testament to the lasting influence of Jacquard’s innovative method.



This knit fabric is a beautiful amalgamation of traditional Italian handknitting techniques, where individual pieces are meticulously crafted and then combined to create a stunning colorblocking effect. The process is time-intensive, with Italian artisans dedicating hours to knit each section, culminating in days of work to complete a full fabric. The fabric itself is a luxurious blend of wool and cashmere, chosen for its softness and warmth. The combination of these natural fibers results in a texture that is both comforting to the touch and visually striking.



The cotton ripple fabric, used in pieces like the Fairway, gains its unique 3D texture from a specialized process that creates raised ridges in the cotton. This method enhances both its tactile and visual appeal. In contrast, chenille, a key feature in items such as the Derbin, owes its velvety texture to a traditional French technique where short yarn lengths are twisted between two core yarns, resulting in a plush and distinctive fabric. Both fabrics showcase the innovation and tradition in textile manufacturing, each offering a unique sensory experience.