June 15th 2023

The hand-crocheted “Tutti Frutti” patch on the back of our market jacket came from a special collaboration with an extended member of the AKOG family: our wholesale manager’s mother, a lovely Bavarian lady who has been passionate about crocheting for many years and enjoys spending much of her time on this skilled craft.

When brainstorming about which talented individuals to potentially collaborate with for our Holiday Drop, this rather unconventional but peculiar idea immediately rose to the top of our list. The prospect of infusing our collection with the crafted creation from someone so skilled yet unexpected was the way to go.

Each fruit in the patch has been meticulously crocheted by hand, demanding an extensive amount of time and dedication. With over eight hours devoted to completing a single fruit basket ensemble, the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail poured into these delicate creations takes the necessary amount of passion and skill.

Limited to 15 pieces, this lightweight jacket made from 100% finest Italian cotton is made to be cherished for a lifetime, while its juicy patch will make your mouth water on hot summer days.

Discover the Market Jacket in “Tutti Frutti” online now or visit us in our stores in Munich & Berlin.