No worries, we’ve done this before!
January 28th 2019

“No worries, we’ve done this before”. That’s our motto here at A Kind Of Guise. A nice, casual reminder to take our craft seriously, but also to relax a little while doing it.
We take comfort seriously and we really labour the details; making sure the cut, shape, fabric and making of everything bearing our name is millimetre perfect.
But when the last pattern’s drawn and the last stitch is threaded at the end of the day, we know how to let our hair down. And so do you.
Our brand spanking new Karma workwear jacket wears that ethos proudly on its chest. Made from hard-wearing 100% German cotton twill and finely made here in Germany, its sharp-looking silhouette, adjustable cuffs and handy hip patch pockets will have you looking nice and smart whether you’re at work, rest or play.