Recycled Cashmere Filling
November 9th 2023

At A Kind of Guise, we pride ourselves on our relentless pursuit of innovative and responsible approaches to crafting clothing. This commitment echoes through every thread, and our latest puffer outerwear collection is a testament to that.

Cut from 100% recycled nylon, these puffer pieces not only redefine warmth and design but are also a conscious choice. Embracing an ethos of circular fashion, each piece is made from recycled materials, giving a new life to old nylon while more innovation lies within: Our puffer pieces are entirely padded with Cashball®, a revolutionary 100% recycled cashmere fiber filling sourced from Cashpad®. The filling preserves human warmth, offering superior softness. This alternative to goose down and synthetic fillings ensures optimal breathability, even when wet, and provides wind resistance and warmth while remaining lightweight.

In the frozen moss, arctic navy colorways, our puffer outerwear doesn’t just stand out for its design but for its conscious and animal-friendly approach. Each piece reflects our dedication to quality, innovation, and responsible design. Experience warmth, comfort, and a conscious choice with our recycled cashmere outerwear.

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