Photographer #10: Khoo Guo Jie
April 20th 2021

1.3521° N, 103.8198° E

1. Please give us a quick introduction to yourself.

I’m a practicing photographer based in Singapore working mostly on architecture/interior/lifestyle/storytelling kind of work. 

2. Were you visiting the place/country or do you live there?

I live in Singapore somewhere at the northeast fringe. The area is mostly for residential purposes and is surrounded by greenery. 

3. What can you tell us about the people in the shoot?

The people in the image are baristas I met in the cafes I’ve frequent but later on, become friends. We got a running crew that never go for a run but just shopping for running gears.

4. Where did you do the shooting? Why did you choose this area?

A friend of ours was doing a pop-up in that area in collaboration with this metal bar there. So we decided to keep it casual and just enjoy the pizza and beer while doing the shoot together. 

5. What are your favorite spots in this location?
There is a really good Thai restaurant inside this shady mall.  I kind of enjoy the contrast of how something so beat up and shady exists in one of the most prime lands in Singapore. 
The metal bar we took the shots in is also quite known given its history of being around since my teenage year.
@thecommunitycoffee is also nearby. Definitely the best cafe in the area.

6. What photographer/artist influences your photography?

A photographer should and be able to shoot anything in their own opinion rather than being bogged down by type. 
I’m a fan of Alec Soth as well with how he could work with series of images in a meaningful way outside of just being aesthetically beautiful. 

7. Famous last words – what would you like to share?

stay chill