Photographer #12: Quentin Simon
May 4th 2021

48.8634┬░ N, 2.2944┬░ E

1. Please give us a quick introduction to yourself.

Hi I am Quentin, a french 90’s photographer born and raised between the snowy Alps and the sunny southern region called “Provence”.

2. Were you visiting the place/country or do you live there?

I live in Paris for about almost 7 years now. I had a really great time here, there is no place like Paris, but as the years go by and the different lockdowns, I realized I now need more space, more sun and more outdoor activites. So I am about to get back to the Mediterreanean very soon!

3. What can you tell us about the people in the shoot?

Arman is my brother from a different mother. He actually is the one who made me come to you guys because you are simply his favorite brand ever. And he is a master of style!
Sophie is a model from the new upcoming agency Folkr Studio, owned by a friend of mine, and she is also a great creative producer.

4. Where did you do the shooting? Why did you choose this area?

For the shooting with Arman, we had 2 different shootings. The first one took place in the new arty place of north Paris: Chapelle XIV. You can go there to taste a local beer in the little coffee, discover some upcoming artists in the gallery or buy vinyl in the Yoyaku shop. Then we just went for a stroll in the streets of Paris and along the Seine. As it was the last week before November lockdown, we just wanted a natural look, and enjoy the last free moment of 2020’s autumn. And I just love the Seine banks, so I hoped you will too!
For the shooting with Sarah, we just went to a typical Parisian flat, where she pretended to be chilling at home, wearing her boyfriend’s clothes.

5. What are your favorite spots in this location?

Well the first location, Chapelle XIV, is a favorite spot by itself.
The Seine banks is a beautiful place to cross Paris by bike or to have a picnic on a spring sunset. Every time I leave Paris for a while and come back, it is this place that keeps amazing me with its beauty like a tourist seeing it for the first time.

6. What photographer/artist influences your photography?

Lately I have been more influenced by other arts than photography: cinema (the Nouvelle Vague aesthetics, or Terrence Malick), architecture (the Bauhaus aesthetics or I recently fell in love with Luis Barragan in Mexico City), etc. About photography, I can be influenced by the ancient masters (For example the last exhibition I saw was in Barcelona in January (the museums in France are closed for a long time now) about English photographer Bill Brandt, loved his work!) or more recent ones such as Quentin de Briey, Jean Pierrot, Cleo Goosens, Milena Villalon, David Luraschi, Fred Tougas, Alaric Macdonald, Charlotte Lapalus, and the list goes on and on. I love photographers who take risks and do not stay in one field but can show some magic with any subject.

7. Famous last words – what would you like to share?

I would like to thank Arman, Sarah, Leo, Pierre, Eleonore, and Berta, who made those difficult covid-time shoots happen.
Stay Safe and listen to my friends Clad and Leopard Ale music.