Photographer #13: Daniel Grima
May 11th 2021

27.4698° S, 153.0251° E

1. Please give us a quick introduction to yourself.

My name is Daniel – I’m an Australian/Lebanese musician and photographer living in Brisbane.

2. Were you visiting the place/country or do you live there?

I photographed these images at my home in Brisbane, as well as on the Sunshine Coast with my partner’s family in Buderim.

3. What can you tell us about the people in the shoot?

It was nice to work on a free feeling project featuring some of the people close to me. My friend Chris styled and modelled a few of the looks in our garden at the Lamington Terrace house. The other images are of my partner Alex, and her father Tony. We were lucky to also have their handsome bull terrier, Sarge, make an appearance.

4. Where did you do the shooting? Why did you choose this area?

I felt that the layout of our garden at home was an interesting take on the typical Queenslander inner city backyard. Quintessential and a lot to look at, albeit poorly designed.

5. What are your favorite spots in this location?

We have some nice places to visit in Brisbane. For the most part I would be sure to visit the Gallery of Modern Art here. For a place to see good music and have a drink, The End in West End is my favourite spot.

6. What photographer/artist influences your photography?

Other than some of the most iconic photographers like Irving Penn and Henri Cartier Bresson, I am inspired by Iris Humm’s photography, Rafael Pavarotti, Leonardo Scotti and also Daniel Goode’s work. For many great reasons, but the common thread seems to be the sense of realism in their images, so vivid and yet personal.

7. Famous last words – what would you like to share?

I’d like to say thank you. Shooting this series brought about many joyful moments amongst us family and friends.