Twice a year, we are diving into the culture of different countries and regions and taking inspiration for our collections. We are spoiled by taking trips to these beautiful locations and showcase the garments through our lenses.

This year our Spring/Summer 21 collection originated due to the current situation and travel restrictions. We dove into our extensive archives and the result is a homage to past journeys and inspirations: Postcards from Everywhere!

We also decided to document the collection in a different way and emphasize something that comes up short at the moment: the various kinds of arts! For our photography editorial, we had the pleasure of working together with 15 photographers from around the world who portray our Spring/Summer collection through their eyes and in their respective locations: from the beautiful coast of Rhode Island to the historic city of Madrid, from someone’s backyard in Brisbane to the chaotic world of Tokyo.

Each photographer received the same point and shoot camera, two films of Kodak Portra 400 as well as a complete outfit of our current Spring/Summer 21 collection. Every individual had complete freedom and bring their own interpretation to life. No retouches, just straight from the laboratory.

Over the next months, we will present one photographer each week, starting today.

That’s why it is a pleasure to introduce you to the first photographer: Jake Millers from Manchester, United Kingdom.

Read his full interview below!

53.4808° N, 2.2426° W

1. Please give us a quick introduction to yourself.

Hey I’m Jake Millers, a photographer from a working-class area on the outskirts of Manchester’s city centre called Miles Platting. This is the area I grew up in, where a lot of my family live and where I consider home, despite now living more central.

2. Were you visiting the place/country or do you live there?

The place that I decided to take the photos at is my cousin’s home, Stanley. From being young he always had an interesting place with lots of cool design items from chairs to bikes. Not necessarily famous design, but just things he really liked and was built to last. We had planned to take some photos there for some time and this project gave the perfect opportunity.

3. What can you tell us about the people in the shoot?

Stanley is my second cousin, one of my family members that I have the most things in common with, both having interests in everything design, architecture, photography and even fashion. He has given me some photography equipment and incredible furniture pieces over the past few years.

4. Where did you do the shooting? Why did you choose this area?

The outdoor locations were local to his home, the buildings in particular didn’t have much significance but are nice pieces of architecture that I appreciated.

5. What are your favourite spots in this location?

Myself and Stanley are fans of modernist architecture so we went to check out these buildings that we had wanted to visit for a while, despite it being so close to home. My favourite part of the building is the curved staircase. (Sadly, I can not find the architect for this specific building).

6. What photographer/artist influences your photography?

I have lots of influences in my work, sometimes small and sometimes big. It can be anything from the colours and framing that a photographer uses in their work, to their work ethic and approach to documenting. I’m not always inspired just by photographers, sometimes directors, sometimes designers! A few of my favourite photographers are Jason Eskenazi, Gregory Halpern, Davide Sorrenti, Martin Parr and Annie Leibovitz.

7. Famous last words – what would you like to share?

The photographs made by all of the amazing photographers that participated in this project were shot on a £20 / € point and shoot camera. Please never let a lack of expensive equipment stop you from creating.