Welcome to the AKOG Souvenir Shop, a seasonal non-profit project where we pay homage to local cultures while celebrating craftsmanship and their heritage.

In collaboration with the Knitting Association of Iceland, we delve into Icelands rich knitting tradition with a special-edition knitwear collection, consisting of 33 pullovers and accessories, hand-knitted by Icelandic individuals in their homes.

We designed each colour way exclusively for this Souvenir Shop and each item only exists once, continuing the principle of our Souvenir Shop, which offers one-of-a-kind treasures. Entirely originating in Iceland, each piece is not only knitted locally, but also traditionally made from locally sourced wool of the Icelandic sheep called Lopi. Icelandic wool is a natural, biodegradable product from family-owned farms with breathable and temperature-regulating properties in warm or cold conditions.