Ekia Bag

The Ekia Bag is a new addition to our bag line-up, which is inspired by the well-known yellow/navy Scandinavian furniture brand. And as they say ‘don’t change a winning team’, we’ve just added quality and new features, such as an inner pocket and press buttons, which allow you to increase the volume. Made from very durable Cordura® fabric, this bag is a companion for life which will support you in all kind of different life situations; during your shopping or weekend trips, carrying the kids stuffs or just your clothes to the laundromat. Nothing new, simply better!

Colour: black
Material: 100% polyamide
Fabric: German

Handmade in Germany

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We strive to produce the best quality possible. Most of our products are exclusively hand crafted by small local German manufacturers, using carefully selected fabrics and materials of the highest standard.
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