Lopapeysa Pullover (S)

Paying homage to Icelandic traditions and craftsmanship, these special-edition pullovers are hand-knitted exclusively by local Icelandic women. Each pullover is a labor of love, taking over 30 hours to create, and is a unique treasure fashioned from Lopi, the wool of Icelandic sheep. This natural, biodegradable material is sourced from family-owned farms and is celebrated for its breathability and temperature-regulating properties. The pullovers are more than souvenirs; they are wearable testaments to the enduring heritage of Iceland, offering comfort in any climate

Colour: Reykjavik dawn
Material: Icelandic wool
Fabric Origin: Iceland

Handmade in Iceland

All profits will be donated to Píeta, a non-profit organisation offering free counselling for people with suicidal thoughts, self harm and families who have lost someone through suicide

*no return, no refund.

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