April 10th 2022

As an excursion into the rich history and creative expression that unfolded in Colombia centuries ago, we tied in with the central topic of our collection “Radio Medellin” and drew inspiration from ancestral arts for the embroidery patches adorning our Hombrecito shirt.

The focus here is on handicrafts, in particular our appreciation for finely ornamented gold figures that were created by Colombian tribes as gifts, totems, talismans or as jewellery pendants. Some of them were hammered flat, which inspired us to design a rich-in-detail embroidery transformed into the silhouette of a little man (translated hombrecito). Cut out individually by hand, these patches were then topstitched onto our popular Gusto shirt, making it a stand-out shirt for eye-catching moments.

The Hombrecito Shirt is now available in our webshop, or get a feel for its elaborate patch design at our physical stores in Munich and Berlin!

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