November 20th 2022

At AKOG, each season explores a new cultural theme from different places around the world. Each time, we immerse ourselves in the journey to capture an authentic reflection of our experience. Wanting to take this approach a step further and give back to this source of inspiration, we created the Souvenir Shop.

Based on this season’s autumn/winter collection Road to Nowhere, which leads along the cross-country routes and beautiful landscapes of Colorado, the AW22 Souvenir Shop features a carefully curated selection of products collected during our journey through the picturesque US state. Introduced in the previous season, the cultural non-profit project is now in its second round and brings together a collection of souvenirs that not only extend the AKOG world but in some cases bring a piece of history. Just like last season and everyone thereafter, the focus continues to be on appreciating handmade products acquired from indigenous communities, small businesses, and local artists.

Cultural references to North American heritage are apparent in many of the one-off pieces, each telling their own story of the past and making this road trip a journey down memory lane. A smudge kit and dream catcher made by native-American communities ensure good spirits and bring us closer to their traditions, as does a hand-woven Navajo rug. Real gold leaf portrays Colorado’s widespread mining vibe, while cowboy vases and songbooks bring the Wild West era into focus. In addition, beautiful pieces of jewelry and ceramics from different times and influences come together, each celebrating craftmanship through unique, ornamented details.

All profits go to First Nations’ project Stewarding Native Lands which supports native-American communities, their ancestral lands, and natural resources.

Discover all products here.