The Carpet Diary – A Project by a kind of guise for the 10th anniversary
December 8th 2019

To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of A Kind of Guise and to thank our customers for their continuous support, we will be launching different projects over the next year. We’re excited to present to you the first one on the list:

In 2009, A Kind of Guise started with an upcycling project by creating leather bags from old medicine balls, mostly found in German schools. Ever since the AKOG team has been experimenting and testing traditional and innovative materials, such as Harrison Tweed or EtaProof, from countries like the UK, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, and Germany. These special and high-quality fabrics are some of the main cornerstones of the brand’s DNA. Almost 10 years after the leather bag project, we want to memorialize our journey and tell the fabric narrative with another upcycling project: The Carpet Diary.

The Carpet Diary is a collection of 11 carpets, all of which are entirely made out of snippets and leftovers of more than 18 A Kind of Guise collections. All sorts of textiles from Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections, from thick wool blends to soft and thin silk fabrics, are weaved together.

We were able to make this idea a reality with the expertise of a small Bavarian family business, which uses looms of up-to 120 years of age and is renowned across borders for its carpet craftsmanship.

The first step was to collect all the snippets and leftovers from our various collections. We then grouped these for the ideal color-combination.

These color-categorized textiles were then cut into long strips and sewn together, creating several long fabric threads. After completing this very time-consuming process, the fabric threads were winded up, creating a compact spool that is needed for the shuttle.

At the loom, the shuttle transports the fabric spool horizontally from one side to the other, creating weft threads. The lengthwise threads, called warp, are then pushed up and down, pressing together the weft threads and adding another chapter of AKOG’s fabric story. This process is done repeatedly until the carpet has reached the desired length and the end of AKOG’s carpet diary.

There are three size categories, although the definite size varies:

Small | ca. 70cm x 140cm
Medium | ca. 120cm x 180cm
Large | ca. 160cm x 230cm

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