June 15th 2023

As experimental as we are with fabrics at AKOG, we are just as curious and open to other materials that affect our products. As part of our Holiday Drop and together with two exclusive Acetate frames, two more pairs of glasses made of titanium are included for the first time, which we have developed over a lengthy process together with our German manufacturer.

The special characteristic of titanium glasses is the featherlight weight in combination with the robustness of the material. Thanks to their lightness, such glasses are less likely to leave marks on the face and are perfect for those who generally don’t want to want to feel like wearing any sunglasses at all. Considered to be one of the most robust, tough, and corrosion-resistant consumer products in the world, titanium has one of the longest lifespans of metals, making eyewear frames perfect for everyday use and endure any kind of lifestyle, whether it is being very active or just clumsy. Some say you could even sit on the glasses and they will return to their original shape (but please don’t try it at home).

Believe it or not, titanium glasses even have hypoallergenic properties.

Aesthetics and comfort, combined in great-looking pairs of AKOG sunnies as part of our new eyewear range. Discover them both here or visit us in our stores in Munich & Berlin.