Volta Delta
May 3rd 2020

Connecting the Volta river with the Atlantic Ocean, this delta is home for many communities, settled both at the shorelines and more inland. Its flora and fauna are rich and diverse, which also includes different species of mangroves.

From a village port, just 20 minutes from our lodge, we started to explore the delta in a small boat. Our trip took us to Ada Foah, which is the home of fishing communities as well as the weekend retreat for wealthy Ghanians and foreigners. On one side, the beautiful fishing boats with their colourful paintwork and resourceful names laying side by side and a little more upstream the highly-motorised boats. To complete some of this randomness, Ada Foah has also its own amusement park called Treasure Island.
We stopped at another village port where a friend of our guide Paps was waiting for us to handover several boxes of Gin, which he bought at a market in Accra. Paps, known as the spirits guy in his village, sells these on his village and also use it for his little secluded bar right at the beach.

On the way back, we were keen to see his bar and enjoy a sunset beer while recapping this inspiring, eye-opening and eventful Ghana trip. It was our last day before heading back to Germany the next day. The people, the culture and the nature has left us incredible memories and we would like to thank everyone who helped us to make this trip so special. We will definitely return!

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