Welcome to Georgia – Final Stop: West Georgia
November 28th 2021

For our last stop we’re headed west from busy Tbilisi towards the tropical west of Georgia. Entering a new climate zone after a few hour drive in a country no bigger than Bavaria once again highlights the immense diversity of nature that Georgia has to offer. But that is not the only reason that’s worth a visit, as the west is typically associated with the coast of the Black Sea, where dark grey sandy beaches are backed with densely overgrown tropical forest in the richest shades of green. Guria and Adjaria are two of four regions forming the coastline, each boasting a unique cultural heritage. From abandoned brutalist architecture for Soviet throwbacks, over the vast and humid tea region, to Georgia’s most famous national dish „Adjarian Khachapuri“, the area ensures no traveler’s desires remain unfulfilled.
The seaside is a popular and frequent holiday destination for many locals and the act of taking the long drive each summer comes with further naturalized traditions, like short stays at family-run guesthouses, designed to break up the journey and dive deeper into authentic regional cuisines. With several activities happening across the roads of Georgia, stopping for the best chicken in the country at a restaurant translating to „fairytale“ or for a taste of the delicious sweetbread „Nazuki“ should be a part of every journey headed in this direction, as well as exploring wine-related clay treasures that are essential for traditional Georgian winemaking, made by a real master of craft.