Welcome to Georgia – First Stop: Kakheti
October 17th 2021

From the first moment we arrived in Georgia, this AW21 season’s source of inspiration, we knew right away that there was something special about this country. We had 11 days, 4 regions, and 72 films ahead of us and couldn’t wait to start hitting the road for our journey!

Hospitality is a way of life in Georgian culture and is shown everywhere you go, no matter if being at a restaurant, on the street, or at people’s homes. The latter we have always been welcomed to with a warm smile and a large, mouth-watering meal prepared – not much time went by when realizing we’ll be departing this country with a few kilos more. The importance of food and wine is manifested in millennia-old traditions, that show in lovely home-cooked dishes as part of the Georgian feast, the „Supra“, paired with artisanal wine made through a special fermentation process in large earthenware vessels, called Qvevri, giving it its very unique flavor. Locals are very proud of these traditions and have every reason to be!

Having started off in Kakheti, one of the oldest wine regions in the world, it didn’t take long to find ourselves with the first glass in our hands and endless pours of delicious wine, accompanied by numerous nostalgic and heartfelt toasts. The memories of some of these nights have faded, but what remained is new friendships with warm-hearted, kind people with proud traditions, great wine, and flavourful meals.

Cheers to that: Gaumarjos!

PS: Special thanks to Shalva Khetsuriani and his sons Rezo and Anthony (Khetsuriani Family Winery), Gia Togonidze and his wife Lika & friends (Togonidze’s Wine Cellar) and Shakarashvili Family (Shakarashvili Wine Cellar).