November 10th 2019

To maintain the legit and respectable appearance of the family-run restaurant Gennaro’s – daily operational tasks need to be done with élan and an Italo-American style. 

Sourcing produce, provisions, and conversing with friendly vendors can be taxing – the need for an espresso-break is surely deserved. As Winter deepens its grips, the necessity for layering and statement outwear is ever more present. Bold colours and classic but impactful cuts make their way to the wardrobe, maintaining the refined but understated looks of Gennaro’s underground business world.

Differing spaces, differing personas – navigating the city in the back of a Cadillac, done so with flamboyance and confidence. The Omertà coat projects a sense of certainty with its delicate conformity, echoing the vow of Omertà. Welcome back to Gennaro’s and our ethos: “La prova è nel gusto”!

See the whole collection here.

Photography: Fritz Beck
Styling: Kira März

Big thanks to the team of Feinkost Spina & Il Melone!