June 8th 2023

We continue the conversations with the women portrayed in this season’s SS23 editorial, which is taking place in Istanbul.

Shirin Zeraaty, contemporary artist, curator, and researcher from Iran, is currently based in Munich and Istanbul.

1. Give us a brief introduction about yourself.
I was born in Zahedan, Iran. I have a BA in sculpture from the art university of Tehran. Then I moved to Munich to continue my studies in sculpture at the Academy of fine arts with Prof. Hermann Pitz. I just recently graduated in July 2022.

In 2020 I started an online platform called The Art Corner of Tehran. On this platform, I introduce Iranian artists and give them a space to present their works, and provide opportunities for them to collaborate internationally.
My personal works deal with language, biography, and interpretation of works when put in the context of nationality, gender, and constitutional structures.

2. Whats your heritage?
I am Iranian. I was born there and so was my family. But most of my life I have been on the move and experienced different cities and countries.

3. What made you come to Istanbul?
Istanbul feels like a city in between what I experienced in Iran and Europe. It gives me part of the freedom I was looking for in Iran and also because there is a much less cultural difference, I feel much more at home here than what I experienced in Munich for example.

4. Describe what you do for living? How long have you been doing it and how did you start out?
I work as an art director for the past 2.5 years in an art space in Istanbul. I coordinate exhibitions, projects, and residency programs. I also coordinate projects for Iranian artists through my own platform.
But I also have worked as an artist for the past 9 years.

7. Whats your favourite spot in Istanbul?
The coastline. Especially around Caddebostan where it’s less crowded.

8. What’s something exciting that’s coming up for you in the next few months?
I received the Debutant Prize when I graduated and this prize allows me to publish my catalogue. The catalogue will come out in the few weeks and that’s very exciting for me.

Shirin is wearing the Naima Shirt and Junah Jeans.