AKOG presents Eroba!
November 7th 2021

A Kind of Guise proudly presents Eroba! The Georgian band keeps up traditions and is solely performing national folk music. Recorded in the mountains of Kazbegi, the song ‘Tsminda Sameba’ translates to ‘Holy Trinity’ and honours the namesake church in the region which is beautifully located at the peak of a mountain top (see last Image of this Journal post).

​​Georgia has a rich and still vibrant traditional music culture that dates back thousands of years. Table songs expressing the views on features and vision of the world serve as a soothing melodic companion to every supra. It’ll soon strike you that Georgia’s unique location between Europe and Asia is not only showing itself in its cuisine, but also in a variety of urban singing styles with a mixture of native, Middle Eastern, and European harmonic languages.


Band Members:
1. Goga Ggauri
Double Breasted Peak Blazer, midnight seersucker
Elasticated Wide Trousers, midnight seersucker
Onin Crewneck, brick melange
Allen Beanie, brick melange
Merano Boot, whiskey
Supra Bandana

2. Levan Odishvili
Relaxed Notch Blazer, tusheti check
Permanents Tee, white
Merano Boots, black velours
Supra Bandana
– Pants by musician

3. Giorgi Pitskhelauri
Relaxed Notch Blazer, midnight seersucker
Relaxed Tailored Trousers, midnight seersucker
Flores Shirt, light blue
Supra Bandana
– Shoes and Sunglasses by musician

4. Mirian Kushashvili
Relaxed Notch Blazer, copper
Relaxed Tailored Trousers, copper
Gusto Shirt, striped bait
Kudi Cap, felted navy
Supra Bandana
– Shoes by musician