Beach Time in Volta Region!
April 12th 2020

After a tight schedule and many early rises, we thought it was time to have some beach time outside of Accra. We had two options: 6 hour drive to Busua beach, West of Accra, a small beach town that is know for its laid-back and surfing vibe. The other option was going East to the Volta Region, with its delta and mangroves.

During our research, we came across the non-profit lodge ‘Meet me There’, which was located 3 hours away from Accra in a village called Dzita. While having the aim to be eco-friendly as much as possible, the lodge contributes all their profit to the their own NGO, called Dream Big Ghana, which brings sanitation and educational opportunities to Dzita and Dzita-Agbledomi, the two communities surrounding the lodge.

We decided to see and support their work. After a 2,5 hour ride, we came to coastal strip which led to the lodge. While being amazed of the beauty of the countryside, we were wondering what the reflective pieces are on the beach. It turned out to be plastic. Plastic that had been spilled onto the shore by the waves or pulled out with fishing nets. It was a reality check in paradise.

Arriving at the lodge, we were greeted by the super friendly staff. We stepped into this little oasis and right away we realised how much effort and love has been put into this place. The educational centre as well as the rustic rooms are the best examples. This combined with the chilled atmosphere, the beautiful location and tasty local food, we were able to feel like home and relaxed in a minute.

While discussing favourite football clubs with the staff and highlighting our love to the sport, we were asked if we would like to play with the locals, which was part of the lodge’s educational sport program. Of course, we accepted the offer and after an intense game on sandy turf, we also had to realise that we have become slow and out of shape.

Next day, we explored the beach and watched how the locals pulled out the fishnet; with singing and whistles, step by step for several hours. Team effort as its best. Afterwards, we grabbed a bag from the lodge and started to collect plastic from the beach. It underlined the hypothesis we had come up during our trip: the water sachets symbolise Ghana’s plastic problem. Cheap, convenient and an integral part in everyday’s life. These sachets were everywhere. Without glorifying plastic bottles, while they at least can be re-used for storing something else, the sachets on the other hand, once opened, they do not have a second life and are thrown away. Almost one third of the plastic we found on the beach were these sachets. It shows that we are just at the beginning and we need to do so much more to protect the oceans and the earth, we call home. However, it’s great to see a lodge like ‘Meet me There’ which does its part by educating the communities about the problems of plastic and its right disposable. Also, guests who bring a full plastic bag, are rewarded with a free drink on the house.

Thank you ‘Meet Me There’ lodge to show us what can be done! Very inspiring!

If you want to find out more about the lodge, check out their homepage here. If you have any questions or comments, please write us an e-mail to

We combined all images of the trip to a calendar for 2020, starting 1st of April till the end of the year. More information you find here.