April 8th 2021

Besides working with technical fabric suppliers, we are also partnering with very traditional manufacturers which have been specialists in their field for decades and adapted to the ever-changing business environment. An example is British Millerain, which was founded by a group of individuals in the UK in 1880. Especially the father and son, both called John Miller, pushed the company to innovation and success by filing multiple patents, hence the name.

Waxed cotton originated In the 15th century when sailors applied fish oils and grease to their canvas sailcloth, which resulted in lighter sails in wet conditions and more efficient in dry weather. Left-over pieces of the sails were recycled into garments for the mariners. Their use in the rough environments on the sea highlighted the advantage of waxed cotton as a clothing fabric. While British Millerain first focused solely on the finishing procedure, over the decades it constantly innovated new processes and also strategically taking over companies and their know-how. Today, the family business is in the 6th generation and one of the leading suppliers of outerwear fabrics. 

For our Spring/Summer 21 collection, we used a special waxed cotton fabric from British Millerain, which has a soft handle, matte appearance, and which of course is water-repellant. But see for yourself and explore our Jakarta Jacket, Champara Parka as well as our Safya Jacket. For more information, check out waxed cotton products here.