Lopi Mittens (M)

Infused with the spirit of Icelandic heritage, each pair of our special-edition gloves is the handiwork of a skilled Icelandic craftswoman. These artisans, using the time-honored techniques passed down through generations, meticulously knit every pair from the cherished Lopi wool produced by Icelandic sheep. The wool, sustainable and biodegradable, comes from the pastoral hills of family-owned farms and is celebrated for its breathable yet insulating properties. These gloves are not simply accessories; they are the handcrafted embodiment of Icelandic culture, designed to envelop hands in warmth and the unique charm of Iceland’s artisanal legacy.

Colour: artic harmony
Material: Icelandic wool
Fabric Origin: Iceland

Handmade in Iceland

All profits will be donated to Píeta, a non-profit organisation offering free counselling for people with suicidal thoughts, self harm and families who have lost someone through suicide

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We strive to produce the best quality possible. Our products are exclusively hand-crafted by small manufacturers in Germany and Italy, producing as local as possible to our HQ in Munich while using carefully selected fabrics and materials of the highest standard.
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