February 18th 2022

Radio Medellín has been founded in 1988 with the mission to bring joy and rhythm to Colombia’s second-biggest city.

Still today the radio’s destiny has been in reliable hands, with dedicated and loyal people spreading good vibes while running the show, making Radio Medellín one of the most special and popular stations in Colombia! One of them is your number one radio host Gustavo! In his hometown Barranquilla, they call him “El Rapido” – a name he has earned himself through his quick and irresistible salsa moves. The name has stuck until today as he still loves to swing that hip, plus he brings up the latest tunes as fast as it gets! The cheerful character and innate entertainer certainly is the face of Radio Medellín. When he is not playing records at the station and in his hometown, he can be spotted in action in the institutions for salsa and music, called la Troja!

Adding further to his prominence and ego, the Gustavo Shirt has been designed in his honour. The loose fit button-down shirt is cut from a textured Italian cotton fabric and reflects his positive energy through a vibrant stripe pattern, with our host’s name embroidery on the chest pocket.

The limited-edition fan shirts are now available for purchase here.