February 21st 2022

As we’re constantly trying to source innovative materials, this season we took a deep dive into exploring new technologies among the ever-evolving options for more responsible, animal-leather alternatives.

Eventually, we found the right sourcing partner in the biomaterial producer VEGEA®. A company that places an emphasis on production processes that are based on biomass, vegetable raw materials and other natural fibres from the agriculture industry, with all fabrics being REACH compliant, animal friendly, and made in Italy.

The result turned out as a sleek vegan leather jacket, cut from a bio-compound material made from recycled grapes and vegetable oils. We added extra comfort by pairing technology with functionality and equipped this jacket with four metal loops on each armpit for perfect air ventilation. And because it’s all in the details, our favourite “Paisley Medellin” pattern adorns the lining for this piece.

Another small step in the right direction. Exclusively available now in our webshop and retail stores!