May 16th 2023

In order to get to know the women showcased in our editorial better, we have started a conversation with each about their creative process, heritage, and profession.

Umut şilan Oğurlu

Give us a brief introduction about yourself
My name is Umut. I am 32 years old. Born and raised in Istanbul. I am working in the film industry and also doing my PhD.

Whats your heritage?
Kurdish, Turkish

What made you come to Istanbul?
My parents

Describe what you do for living? How long have you been doing it and how did you start out?
I am working as a freelance writer and director. Also working in a university for 7 years as a research assistant. I am a very curious person and I am very interested in other peoples stories. I guess this is the main thing which made me fall into the cinema.

What inspires you for your work? / What is your creative process? / How do you get intro a creative headspace?
It changes every time but most of the time my own experiences inspire me most. I see myself as an overthinker so I visit my memories a lot. It gives me joy to reshape my memories or relive my experiences with new versions. For the creative process I need to be alone in the beginning and need to finish the project in my head. I was very bad at the development process. I wanted everything to be so quick, but in the past few years I learned that development is very important and you can never rush when you want to create something. When I need to get into the creative headspace I put on headphones and walk by myself. The things I saw always interested me, even the details.

What are you reading / listening / or watching at the moment?
I am reading A Rose For Emily by Faulkner. Listening to young Turkish singer Güneş and watching a very cringy dating reality show 🙂

Whats your favourite spot in Istanbul?
I love to walk around in the small streets of Unkapanı, Sülaymaniye and Sirkeci area. There are many historical buildings which are now being used as atelier and different merchandise but always have an unique esthetiqe and look abandoned after work hours. I can feel the ancient Istanbul feeling but without touristic enthusiasm.

What’s something exciting that’s coming up for you in the next few months?
My mini series project just got elected to the Istanbul Film Festival’s Meetings In The Bridge section and I am very excited about it. With this section I will be able to meet various professionals from Europe and talk about my project. Meeting new people always excites me.

Umut is wearing the Douha Denim Jacket and the Numeira Knit Vest.