AW21: Welcome to Georgia

Many people have asked about our decision to select Georgia as the inspiration for our Autumn/Winter 2021 collection. While most locations are chosen at random, this one had an especially lengthy build-up. We heard several anecdotes and stories, from a variety of directions, creating a somewhat mythical and intriguing aura about this small country, nestled between the Caucasus and the Black Sea. After conducting some research, we realized these tales merely scratch the surface of what Georgia has to offer. We set out with high expectations to learn more about its rich history, important geographical position, continuous invasions, unique language, beautiful architecture, and perhaps most importantly, food and wine culture.
It all seemed too good to be true, but after traveling from east to west, crossing 7 regions in 10 days, and overcoming many food comas and hangovers, it was clear that this mythical country had more to offer than the stories we heard. We particularly enjoyed indulging in its varied cuisine, learning about the craftsmanship behind Qvervi wine-making, and observing the beautiful landscape flanked by the surreal diversity of flora and fauna. However, it was the small interactions, and warm hospitality, that truly brought the aura of Georgia into sharper focus – the woman who gifted us grapes from her garden, the man in the restaurant, from a neighbouring table, who gave us a bottle of red wine saying, ‘Welcome to Georgia.’ Perhaps our tour guide Cartlos put it best: ‘We Georgians, we do not kill with weapons, we kill with food!’. In the end, it is not the outstanding culinary experience nor the absolute mind-blowing landscape that makes this country so special, but the warm and welcoming people of Georgia!